About Me


All posts are the reflections and opinions of me alone, and in no way reflect the feelings or opinions of my employer.

I’m currently the Managing Director/Region Manager for the Venture Capital and Private Equity Services Group at Silicon Valley Bank, working with VC and PE firms west of the Mississippi river. I’ve previously provided debt to venture-backed start-ups, traveled the world as a management consultant, and worked for the US Treasury Department.

Now the father of 4 boys and living in Pleasanton with them and my wife Janet, I spend a lot of time on the sports fields of Pleasanton watching or coaching youth sports with my kids.

If work or family affords me any free time, you’ll likely find me at a Giants game, golf course (if my back allows me to play), Starbuck’s ordering a green tea, or checking the latest technology news on Twitter. I’m also an avid follower of my alma mater’s sports programs (San Diego State), although there hasn’t been much to cheer about since…well, since Marshall Faulk left.

The following are ways to contact me:

work email: mlau@svb.com

personal email: marklau@yahoo.com

twitter: @svbmark

linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/marklau

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