1/5/2014: Cusco, Peru The Last Few Days, In Pictures

While we’re about halfway through our trip and my posts have been mainly narrative, I’ll try to focus this post more on pictures from the last couple days of our trip. I hope you enjoy.

I feel like these first pictures capture the central essence of why a home stay on a trip like this is so great. It’s like we have a family here in Cusco, with the “family time” centered around meals usually lasting at least two hours. The discussions are varied and random, and can be heated, but always with a lot of laughing. The mostly Spanish discussions have included topics like Peru politics, 80’s music, drug trafficking, rotten mangoes, and mineral baths. There’s a great article by Megan Garber of The Atlantic about the fading art of conversation that seemed appropriate to include here as we had these daily meal rituals. It’s a great read if you have the time.





These pictures are from our 45 minute hike up the mountains behind Plaza de Armas to the ruins of Sacsayhuaman (pronounced “sexy-woman”), where there’s some incredible natural rock slides (at least I think they’re natural) and incredible caves. It’s been overcast and rainy, so a lot of the pictures are darker than I’d like. The last picture is on our way back down at Plaza San Cristobal, where it’s raining pretty good on us, but I thought was a cool picture of Nate with Cusco in the background.




As we were going to dinner the other night, there was a wedding just letting out of the church at Plaza de Armas (Templo de la Compañia de Jesús) and I got this great shot of the bride and grooms first public kiss. Wish I had found out their names.


Here’s a great picture of us at the Yanapay restaurant with Laura (the volunteer coordinator from Germany) and Miguel (a volunteer from northern Peru, that Yuri hopes will be the restaurant manager soon). As I’m sure you can tell, Miguel is an incredibly entertaining guy.


Finally, here’s a picture of the Haydee’s house, where we’re staying. It’s been painted and remodeled a bit since Cade and I stayed here two years ago, but still has the same great warmth and charm. I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else in Cusco.


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