Peru v2.0

I’m back in Peru again, taking my 13 year old second son, Nate, to the same area that I went two years ago with Cade. I gave him the choice to go somewhere new, but he wanted to see what the Peru trip is all about.

This trip has started quite different from my first trip, starting with our accommodations being cancelled on us 2 weeks before our scheduled departure. It’s hard to tell exactly what happened, but there appeared to be some translation confusion, and we couldn’t solve our communication woes through email. This caused me to go into a slight panic, as I wasn’t sure what we’d do, but I quickly turned to an old friend — AirBnB (featured here before). I was able to secure a home stay in what looks to be a nice place close to Plaza de Armas in central Cuzco. The host, Carlos, was very responsive, and had great reviews, and his availability at such late notice made it a no-brainier to book with him.

I’m going to count Day 1 as our travel night and first full day in Peru. Nate and I flew all night out of SFO (that’s our plane in the background above), and as I worried, we didn’t get much sleep. After Nate was well into his second movie, I gave him a little NyQuil in hopes it would induce a heavy, drool induced slumber. No such luck. He got about 90 minutes of restless shut eye as we jockeyed for elbow and leg room in our cramped two-person row. Pale, droopy-eyed, and barely able to lift our knees to walk, I’m guessing we looked like a couple of recently bitten Zombies as we stumbled around the Lima airport.

It wasn’t until about 20 minutes after we grabbed our bags and went through customs that we noticed that someone had snapped a lock on the zippers to Nate’s brand new suitcase. We were dumbfounded as to who would do such a thing, or why they had chosen to single Nate’s bag out, but my guess is that this wasn’t the persons first gag with airport luggage. After much staring at each other, and deep sighs of disbelief, we went to the airline baggage support office, only to find it didn’t open for another hour. What do you do? There’s a foreign lock now on your luggage, keeping you from your underwear, toothbrush, and maneyother essentials for two weeks. Well a 13-year old boy knows what do do — you start trying combinations. What an idiot, right? Of course he pulled the whole, “Hey dad, I got it!” But wait, he really DID have it when he tried the combo 0-0-0! Problem averted. Phew!!!

Getting to Cusco later that, we were greeted with heavy rains flooding the streets. We quickly found our taxi man, Luis, a lifetime Cusconian, and he shuttled us to “La Casa de Carlos.” There we settled in, stretched out, and napped. It was Sunday,mane the Packers were playing the Bears for a spot in the playoffs. I remembered where cade and I went to watch football two years ago, Norton’s, so Nate and I went back there. It was packed with travelers, and looked liked the best bar in Cusco. We stole away at halftime and walked to San Blas (pictures below). Is was good to be back in Cusco.



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I'm a father of four boys; live in the Tri-Valley of the SF Bay Area; technology enthusiast; work with entrepreneurs and venture investors; SF Giants fan; budding wine lover
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One Response to Peru v2.0

  1. Jeff Parsons says:

    Mark and Nate, Awesome pics and what a great adventure! Can’t wait to hear more about it upon your return. Peru is very fortunate to have you…

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