Forward: Pre-Trip Anxiety (Germany 2012)

I’d anticipated hearing the “clunk” and vapor lock sound of the plane door closing for a couple weeks now. I had managed to convince myself that the only way I could be sure that Janet and I were actually going on our first vacation together in 10 years was when I heard that sound while squeezed in the economy seats of our Lufthansa flight to Munich, Germany.

What started over the summer as an interesting lark, presented by a co-worker in our New York office, Robin Gill had turned into a 10-day trip to Berlin, Prague, and Munich. Of course it was the opportunity to experience the Super Bowl of beer drinking, Oktoberfest, that first peaked my interest, but as this has involved I’ve realized that this trip could be so much more.

Janet’s reaction at first was totally expected from a tennis-skirted mother of four boys that only operates in the bubble of shuttling kids around a 10-mile radius of sporting events, school, play dates, and Costco runs. She didn’t really see it as a “chance” to travel half-way around the world, but more of a massive logistical nightmare to coordinate that only caused her to shake her head at me like I was a Wal-Mart greeter asking her if she needed any help.

It was only after my teammate, herself from Germany, pushed the idea forward with a game plan to convince Janet, that the trip started to take shape. The very first order of business was to get the kids taken care of, and grandma was willing to stay for a week+ (I’m pretty sure she didn’t think that one through). Once she was secured, tickets were bought and there was no turning back…right? As the reality of life churned forward, both Janet and I seemed to be in either a state of denial about the trip, or just numb from the amount of things seeming to converge on our lives at the end of September, because we didn’t talk much about it. Except for the occasional, “OK, when are we supposed to be going to Germany?” question from Janet.

So it was real important for us to hear that door shut, and escape away for our first trip in over a decade. A common question was, “What will you talk about?” I didn’t have a good answer, and suggested that we bring a lot of books to read. Janet brought three and I have four or five. It didn’t matter that we might not have anything to talk about besides the kids, it was a chance to relax, take a breath, and introduce ourselves to each other again.

Let the journey begin!!!

About svbmark

I'm a father of four boys; live in the Tri-Valley of the SF Bay Area; technology enthusiast; work with entrepreneurs and venture investors; SF Giants fan; budding wine lover
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