Getting Dirty With Crabby Neighbors

Janet and I hosted our Ruby Hill wine club event last night. The theme was champagne and crab, but I renamed it “Get Dirty With Your Crabby Neighbor” or “Get Crabs With Your Dirty Neighbor”.

There’s just no easy way to eat dungeoness crab without getting dirty, and the crab juices were flying last night. My fingers are still a little wrinkly from trying to extract that crab meat (sidebar: are you a crack and hoard eater, or eat as you go? How people can build those piles of crab is beyond me)

Everyone brought a bottle of champagne, and we went to town eating and drinking. We’re lucky to live in a region that has such ample access to fresh crab, and I take advantage of it often throughout the winter crab season.

Our blind tasting and voting method was used again this month, with everyone voting for their top 2 wines and a last place. Every wine got a top 2 vote except entrant #5, which appeared to be a bad bottle. We tasted 6 bottles, with 5.5 couples participating.

“The Reveal” is always the most entertaining part of the night. Here are the three finalist.


And the winner is:

It was tough to take a good picture of the Piper-Heidsieck, but this is a brut from Reims, France that retails for around $35. Over half the crowd voted it in their top 2, and it only got one last place vote. Interestingly, it didn’t get the most 1st place votes. That honor went to Sophia Blanc de Blanc from Coppola Wines. That wine was so different though that it received 3 “worst-place” votes, which kept it from scoring in the top 3 for the night.

2nd Place was a real welcome surprise, with Ruby Hill Winery’s sparkling wine showing great. For value you can’t go wrong here. I believe retail is around $13, but if you’re a wine club member you could buy it during the holidays for under $10. GREAT VALUE! And it beat out the the marketing machine known as Veuve Clicquot, another Reims, France brut. They’ve done a great job getting Americans to pay 3-4x what they’d normally pay for similarly tasting wine. Their yellow labeled bottles are very popular gifts around Xmas time. Interestingly enough, the bad bottle was also a Veuve, but that happens. Glad there was only one duplicate.




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