Peru Trip Day 11: 12 Hours in Lima

Our final day in Peru started early with a flight from Cuzco to Lima. Problem is that our flight home from Lima was at midnight, so Cade and I had about 10 hours to kill in Lima. After finding a great guy to take us to Larcomar, which is a western-style shopping center in the Miraflores area of Lima, Cade and I were dropped into the middle of what felt like tourist-central after our prior 10 days in Peru.

Larcomar is built into the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean with some really great views. What I was really looking for in Miraflores was to try some of their world famous ceviche (or cebiche in Peru), which is basically a plate of raw fish. I didn’t do any pre-planning in my quest (I really wish I did) so we ended up at Cafe Cafe in Larcomar, which was perfectly fine but not the authentic cebiche I was looking for. It turned out that the plate pictured below was exactly what I was looking for, although I’ll admit being a little hesitant eating strange raw fish in a foreign country. I think the super cebiche plate I got cost 36 soles, and well worth it for my taste. BTW, that red pepper slice in the middle of the plate is REALLY hot. Muy caliente!


I was able to get wifi at Cafe Cafe and survey the area as I trolled over my plate of scallops, talipia, octopus, and other unknown sea creatures. I found this great post by An American in Lima, and Pez Amigo on Av. La Paz caught my eye as a good dinner spot close by. As Cade and I walked around after lunch we found Pez, which looked like the perfect casual/local type place I was looking for, but was disappointed to find out that they’re only open until 5pm.

After walking for a while south of Larcomar (a very nice area of Lima which sort of reminds me of Coronado in San Diego) we caught a movie (the English version of Mission Impossible). I think the movie cost us the equivalent of $5 each, and we got a couple hours of shade from the hot beach sun in Miraflores.

We followed the movie with more random neighborhood exploring, an un-inspiring dinner at Tanta (Cade had a club sandwich and I tried their Lomo Saltado). With drinks, dessert, and tip, it all cost me 110 soles (about $40).


Back to the airport, and our long flight home. It was great to get home, as I definitely missed the family. I think they’re my best service project, and I hope this trip with Cade, and the subsequent trips with each of his brothers, gives them the confidence to travel the world and respect other people and cultures.


Thanks to all who have posted comments here, and on Facebook and Twitter. Is great to know that there are so many interested in our trip, and I’m happy to share whatever else you’d like to know about our trip. Just send me a note and I’ll look to respond quickly.

Happy travels!

P.S. I neglected to tell you all that the Inca gods have made peace with the Aztecs, and Cade was able to retrieve his sweatshirt that was lost in Machu Picchu as I noted in my Day 4 post.

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2 Responses to Peru Trip Day 11: 12 Hours in Lima

  1. Debbie Teryison says:

    Thanks Mark for sharing your journey. I looked forward to hearing about your adventures each day. A very inspiring trip!

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