Peru Trip Day 9: Video Explaining the Aldea Yanapay Program in Cuzco, Peru


I wish there way a way to make these updates more spicey, but honestly the daily chronicle of our days here in Peru is really therapeutic for me. Cade is writing everyday in his blog too, which is a 5″x7″ notebook that one of his grandma’s gave him for Xmas. I’d love to have him post an entry here at some point, but I’m letting him keep his thoughts and journal to himself at this point. When I asked him today the most memorable part of our trip thus far, he didn’t hesitate I say New Year’s Eve. I’d love to see what he wrote about that night.

Today was our first formal day with the young kids. We’ve been working with the older kids to this point, but the little one’s set the tone for the program. Cade an I were assigned to the game room in the morning, and I played Uno, Monopoly, and Connect Four with different kids. Cade did much of the same at his table. Is really about spending time 1:1 with the kids, and we got a lot of that today.

I actually got the most out of spending time with the 30-something founder of Aldea Yanapay, Yuri (that’s him in the middle of the picture above). It was great to hear his vision and understand the real issues surrounding the program and the local community, and makes me feel like I should be doing so much more to help.

We’re staying at his mom’s house, and he walked back to the house with us to have lunch with us and his mom, Haydee. This guy is incredible with the kids, has a great vision, and has a dynamic personality that’s very enthralling. I’m attaching a 13 minute video of the program which they produced about 18 months ago. It’s very real and true to form. If you have an opportunity, please take a look at it, as it was the primary impetus for me picking this great social program.

Aldea Yanapay – Voluntariado/Volunteering from Janek Seevaratnam on Vimeo.

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