My “Top 25 Songs” Playlist

Live and Let Die CastI recently found myself at home one Sunday afternoon with my two oldest boys, channel surfing looking for something interesting to watch.  There wasn’t a Giants game on, and we happened to run into a James Bond marathon on some station.  The movie that was just starting was “Live and Let Die”, Ian Flemings second in the Bond series, but interestingly the 8th of the Bond movies (and the first staring Roger Moore).  The start of the movie is punctuated by the great song by Paul McCartney and Wings, “Live and Let Die”.  The strength of the song (one of the most most recognizable Bond theme songs), got me thinking about music and some of my favorite songs.

I thought to myself that I’d like to put a playlist together around the McCartney classic, but I quickly figured out that what I was doing was putting together a list of my favorite songs.  I started at 10 songs,  but I quickly realized that it was impossible for me to come up with just 10.  So I then started expanding the list, until I came up with the list of Top 25 below.

I feel weird at leaving out some favorites like the classics of Elvis and Sinatra, or even something more recent from someone like Lenny Kravitz (even though he cancelled on my birthday bash a couple years ago).  But, I wanted to be honest about the songs that I like listening to the most when they happen to pop on my iPod or when I happen to be listening to music.  Mostly mainstream rock songs, with AC/DC taking up three spots and Queen two.  I did surprise myself with no rap (where’s the Beastie Boys!!!) and that I  included two “divas” in Aretha Franklin and Christina Aguilera.  I’m sure if I re-did this list in a couple months it would change, but here’s what I came up with, in no particular order:

  • Live and Let Die – Wings
  • Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
  • Benny and the Jets – Elton John
  • Black and White – Michael Jackson
  • Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen
  • Imagine – John Lennon
  • One – U2
  • Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  • Jigsaw – Radiohead
  • Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
  • Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
  • Yellow – Coldplay
  • So Very Hard To Go – Tower of Power
  • Brilliant Disguise – Bruce Springsteen
  • Roxanne – The Police
  • You Make Me Feel… – Aretha Franklin
  • She Talks To Angels – Black Crowes
  • Brain Stew – Green Day
  • Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
  • Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash
  • It’s a Long Way To The Top… – AC/DC
  • You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
  • Highway To Hell – AC/DC
  • Three Little Birds – Bob Marley


About svbmark

I'm a father of four boys; live in the Tri-Valley of the SF Bay Area; technology enthusiast; work with entrepreneurs and venture investors; SF Giants fan; budding wine lover
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